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Sunday, May 27, 2007

One Inch Punch Documentary

-UFC and the OIP (one inch punch)-

Something I've heard over and over here is the fact that the OIP is not being used in the UFC. That is true but as Cameron said in the interview, you can't just view the one inch punch as a trick or a fancy fight ender. You will never find your opponent standing still waiting to be hit as you get in your stance. The possibility of actually using the OIP are slim but the concept of striking in a short distance is what we should focus on.

I'm sure you guys can think of a better example in the UFC but let's take a look at Tito Ortiz. He's mounts on top of Shamrock and he clinches onto Ortiz. What is there to do? He delivers short elbows. I'm not saying these are "one inch" elbow hits but the concept of delivering a heavy blow in a short distance is applied here. I'm also not saying Ortiz worships JKD, Bruce and so on, but I do believe all good fighters usually apply this concept to combat when needed.

It's been a year since I released this video and I am truly amazed at the amount of views it have gotten. I enjoy all the comments even stuff like this..."Bruce Lee paid that black belt 500 yen to fall like that." Thank you all for watching. I will try to do more updates and discuss about the OIP. Peace.

Victor Tran


A short documentary on the One Inch Punch. Interviews with Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun instructors. Discover more on what Bruce Lee demonstrated years ago. Shot and edited by Victor Tran. Email - tstyle9@dslextreme.com

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